Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Interview For the Book

Kindle Author


*actually, my first interview for any reason  :>) 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Learning to Swim Goes Live for $2.99 US


Here's the description I used for Kindle and Nook:

* * *
Hannah Sullivan is not looking to have her beliefs challenged. She is not looking to fall in love, either. Her only ambition, when she and her daughter, Lily, take their first summer trip to New Hampshire’s Squam Lake, is a restful, scenic vacation. But she will soon learn that the world has another offering. Within minutes of their arrival that first summer, they meet a man named Aidan Heron. His is a gift that will teach them both, with an easy humor and a nearly fearless penchant for adventure, that life has more to offer than they'd ever understood. Shaped by tragedy in her youth, Hannah has learned to live a timid, closed life. And without realizing it, she has taught her daughter to do the same. But Aidan, a man who has experienced his own tragedy and responded very differently, will show them both a new way. Through ten years of shared summer vacations, Hannah will experience enthrallment, love and heartache. She will be challenged and will learn to challenge herself. And in the course of meeting these challenges, she will learn how to truly live.
* * *

After what seemed like it would prove a never-ending battle to whip my novel into shape, I'm finally happy with the manuscript. As challenging as the editing process turned out to be, and as anxious as I was to get to publication, it was truly satisfying to see the story come together a little more with each iteration.

Formatting for Kindle proved more challenging than I would like, but in the end I think it turned out well. I'm hoping the experience will teach me better for next time.

Formatting for The Nook proved much simpler, thanks to its easy willingness to accept a Word Doc as input (while I had to export to html and do meaningful cleanup of that source for the Kindle).

In the next few days, I'll post about the process of editing, packaging and formatting for the two e-book systems.

* * *