Monday, June 26, 2006

These Apples are Lemons

Within the last six months, Apple Computer has introduced two new revamped laptop computers (both based on the Intel Core Duo processor) called the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. While the company has made a very smart move in the transition to a more powerful processor line, they have done an extremely poor job with design and/or manufactoring. Both machines are, sadly, riddled with flaws ranging from exessive heat production to annyoing noises of various kinds to early/ugly discoloration of the cases.

Even more sadly, it appears that Apple will not respond in any way the might prove comforting to loyal customers who've made the early leap.

If you're considering buying a Mac (and I just bought a new iMac desktop machine, myself), I think you'd do well to steer clear of this first generation of Intel-based laptops. And if my general warning isn't convincing enough, take a look here for some of the some of the gory details.

Why, you might ask, is this post about Macs on a writer's site? Simply because writers are more prone than most to want such a machine.

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