Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lemons No Longer

In an earlier post, I recommended that you not consider buying the first iteration of Apple laptops with Intel processors (the Core Duos released a year or so ago).

Now, with several small updates to miscellaneous pieces and a new processor line (the Core 2 Duo), it appears that Apple has gotten their MacBook Pro act together. I would happily buy one and would think you'd be safe with it, as well.

One caution, I should add, though, is that I've heard from multiple different sources (sources with long Mac experience), that AppleCare is a must-have addition to your purchase. This is an extended warranty, which I usually shun, but laptops are more breakable than most electronics. In addition to getting a longer warranty, you will also apparently get better care during the regular warranty period.

As a relatively recent adopter of Mac--just approaching one year now--I can tell you that I'm still enjoying the experience and still recommend it as a platform for most computer users.

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