Monday, January 22, 2007

Nikon Gets It Done

A few months ago, my Nikon D70 died with a well-known problem (commonly called BGLOD, or Blinking Green Light of Death) stemming from a badly made part in the early production runs of the camera. Because this was a relatively widespread problem, Nikon chose to fix all the cameras in which it occurred, free of charge. Even my camera, nearly two years out of warranty, qualified.

I FedEx'd the camera just over a week ago, and it arrived at Nikon El Segundo last Monday. Remarkably, it was back on my doorstep early this afternoon. I'd spent eight dollars for shipping to them (nothing for the return trip), and nothing on the repairs, themselves. In return--one week later--I got a camera fixed, cleaned, firmware upgraded.

An amazing job by Nikon, and worth remembering if you're in the market for a camera.

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