Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Favorite Place I Know

I spent summers in my youth on this lake in New Hampshire. It was easily the most uncomplicatedly (to invent a word) joyous time in my life.

If you've seen On Golden Pond, you've experienced something very close to my story...reluctant suburban teenager spends time with seasoned adults, learning the joys of a simpler rural life.

When I'm terribly stressed as an adult, I often relive an afternoon spent on the lake--on a floating air-mattress, to be precise--intermittently napping with my hand wound round a buoy rope. It was breezy that day, and I can still feel the tiny waves lapping at the side of the mattress, can still hear the oak and birch leaves chattering.

I had no-where to go but that spot, nothing to do but enjoy the moment. And I knew, even at fourteen, that it was something special.

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