Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Takes its Toll

My thousand-words-a-day goal got hammered in the last week or so. Christmas, with its distractions and obligations, knocked me pretty well off course.

It's worth every distraction, every obligation, mind you. But it does come with a cost.

Now, the trick is not to try to pull any heroics. It's a pattern I have (I don't think I'm alone here) to try to pull off miracles from time-to-time (or is it all the time?).

Hoping and pressing for miracles, at least in my world, is a recipe for disaster. The pressure just kinda ratchets up and pretty well guarantees that I'll fail.

So, instead of bowing to my rabbit-from-a-hat instincts, I'm going to simply try to get back to the writing pace I set for myself.

A thousand words a day.



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