Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Musical--er, ah, a Filmic--Interlude

I recently bought a high-def video camera for the first time and intentionally got one with enough features to support the making of a movie (enough manual controls and external mic connector mainly).

Soon after, I bought software to support high-def video editing.

In the process, I got to thinking seriously about making a micro-budget guerrilla feature. In the process of noodling on story ideas, I got more and more excited, even ultimately envisioning a gala opening with a rented theater, just to give myself the chance to see it projected big with a live audience at least once.

Several friends have happily volunteered to help (there's no overestimating the power of movie making to seduce).

I went to film school and worked on quiet a few low-budget films, but I've never taken command of a full feature myself. The thought of it is enthralling.

And this has become my next project, lined up in the wake of getting my novel happily finished and out in the world.

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