Friday, December 04, 2009

Habit Changing Is Hard

We're only 3+ days into December, and I've already blown my goals. Yesterday, I got distracted by other, frittery activities and failed to write my thousand words. So, today, and every day until I'm caught up, I have extra words to write.

I've been trying, desperately, to learn to write fast. I think speed is actually vital to fend off the dispirited slump that eventually assaults anyone (I believe it's anyone) taking on a long-winded project like a novel.

And it's clear to me that there are two aspects to writing fast. One is the word-count per sitting (as in my thousand-word goal), and the other is the consistent, water-on-a-rock kind of delivery. Rump in chair every day.

While I've completed two novels in the past, I've never managed to move as consistently as I would like. This novel is a test. I'm hoping to change my habits, and hoping, even more, that the outcome proves my instincts correct.

But habit changing really is hard.

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