Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Track and (mildly) Happy With Things

This morning I was re-reading a section of my novel that I haven't looked at for a while.

It was new enough to me that it was almost as if someone else had written what I was reading. And with those fresh eyes, I was surprised and pleased. It wasn't right enough that I won't do any editing, but I enjoyed the read. And I was, for a few minutes, suprised at what I'd wrought.

These moments (like hitting a miracle shot on a golf course) keep me coming back for more, even though I know I don't hit that high point very often.

Just as important as my happy surprise is the fact that I'm still on track with the thousand words a day through December.

Good times.


Lese said...

Congratulations! Your happiness is contagious =) (_)b


Trevor Hambric said...

Thanks, Lese.

LOVE to hear that it's contagious. Makes my day.

We writers want to have some kind of impact, after all, right?